Monthly Archives: May 2010

colour e-paper

I’m very excited by colour e-paper. Not least because I like Harry Potter – and I really look forward to the day when we buy newspapers (as in Harry Potter’s magical world) and the photos move and change. That’s what e-paper has the potential to do.

So it was great to read that colour e-paper is just around the corner. Fujitsu has announced its next-generation colour e-paper; this is more likely to lead to the possibility of lightweight colour ebooks with long battery life than newspapers with moving pictures in the short term Рbut the long term is another matter.

For further information see –

The technology still seems to lack the ability to generate really vibrant colours but I am sure this is a problem that will soon be resolved.

Pantone Plus

Everyone who works in colour has heard of Pantone. The Pantone Matching System has been used for decades for colour specification and colour communication. This month Pantone have unveiled a new system – Pantone Plus. Apparently, Pantone Plus provides users with expanded colour sets and more intuitive selection method to help streamline the creative process. I look forward to seeing it.