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I was interested to come across Color Outlook today – – a website that offers advice on colour trends. They offer quarterly 60-minute long podcasts that contain advice and knowledge from a consortium of colour experts. I can’t comment on what is in the podcasts because unfortunately they are not free 🙂 However, the credentials of the experts seem impressive indeed; from interior designers, through architectural consultants and artists, to colour psychologists. Lori Sawaya is the name that I am most familiar with. I don’t know her well but she seems a friendly and genuine person.

Though the podcasts are not free, there is a free podcast on the history of colour forecasting and trends so I am going to see if I can get that and have a listen. I will let you know what I think.

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  1. Stephen,

    Thank you so much for mentioning Color Outlook on Colour Chat. The Color Outlook team is very excited to serve an unserviced sector of the color communities. Sometimes you just want to know what’s happening NOW in color, not 12 – 18 months ahead. There’s a curiosity about what designers are thinking and what directions they are taking when it comes to all the color choices available to us today. We hope to answer those questions and more thru the quarterly podcasts. Thanks again! Lori

  2. I spent most of the evening trying to buy a daddy pig figure (from Peppa Pig) Ebay – unsuccessfully I might add – but I did have chance to listen to the podcast for spring 2011. Very interesting and certainly impressive!. The focus is very much about interior design (not my forte, as anyone who knows me well will know) but it was interesting that even though about six colour experts gave their views from different parts of the USA there were some ideas that seemed to crop up everywhere – most notably was the view that red was very popular as an interior design colour (especially for accents) last spring. It’s interesting to me because it seems red has been really big in the last year and I have some thoughts as to why that may be which you can read about here:

    1. So glad you had a chance to listen! We’ve opened up the Spring 2011 podcast to everyone for free. That way everyone else can have a listen and like you compare what they’re seeing in their respective regions to the Spring 2011 Color Outlook trending color directions. Fun stuff! And thanks again for sharing about Color Outlook! Here’s the link to the free podcast:

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