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Colour Physics FAQ

In the 1990s I used to host a colour physics FAQ on the web. The FAQ was bite-sized answers to the most common questions I used to get in those days about colour physics.

Really, this FAQ was the precursor to this blog. I much prefer the blog format because it allows a greater degree of interactivity and also fluid evolution of content. But the FAQ was quite popular. Even some university libraries used to ask me about it (I noticed a few days ago that a website in India had ‘stolen’ the content and presented it as theirs – these things happen I guess).

I had to move the location of the the Colour Physics FAQ quite a few times on the web and it became quite painful trying to maintain it. So I decided to make it available as an e-book and as a physical book via Amazon. I spent quite a few days working on the e-book format. To be honest I am not sure I got the format ready. I used the epub format and there are things I don’t like about it. Displaying greek characters is difficult and images are often converted to black and white, especially for display on the kindle or similar devices. Also, footnotes are not allowed and I am a big fan of footnotes. So I am not 100% impressed. We’ll see how it goes. But Amazon’s CreateSpace allows you to create a physical book. This seems much better. The book is printed on demand as far as I can see and I am looking forward to how it looks.

To see the e-book go to amazon. I’ll add a comment below when the physical book is available.