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blue santa

In an attempt to influence the way in which the public perceive police offers, a program in Logan County (Ohia, USA) will have officers knocking on the doors of the needy bearing gifts, accompanied (where possible) by an officer dressed in a blue santa suit. 

 The program is designed for families with at least one child at home and is focused mostly on food, toys and clothing for young children. For more information about the Blue Santa program, contact Joe McBride at the Logan County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 522-2578, Ext. 3507.

The Blue Santa Program has its origins in San Antonio (Texas, USA) and goes back to 1976. It became an official programme of SAPD in 1986 – http://www.sanantonio.gov/saPD/bluesanta.asp?res=1280&ver=true

By coincidence next year’s IS&T Color Imaging Conference will be held in San Antonio. For further information see http://www.imaging.org/ist/conferences/cic/index.cfm