natural spectra


Click on the above file (right click and save) to access a Microsoft Excel file containing 404 natural reflectance spectra. See Westland S., Shaw A.J. & Owens H.C., 2000. Colour statistics of natural and man-made surfaces. Sensor Review, 20 (1), 50-55. Click here to download the paper.

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    1. Hi Thomas

      I will have a look. But I think it is unlikely. We measured these spectra around the grounds of Keele University in about 1998. They were mainly bark, leaves, petals etc. I am not even sure that we recorded the name of each object but we may have done. If I can find the original file I will let you know.


      1. Hi Steve,
        The data, which as you say consisted of bark, leaves, petals and also moss was collected from the grounds of Keele University in the autumn of 1998. In order to minimise deterioration of the samples, they were analysed within an hour of their collection. Unfortunately however, each individual sample wasn’t recorded separately.
        Kindest regards

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