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Well …. Hello.

It’s taken my a while to dip my toes into blogging. The thing that has finally made me do it is my recent (positive) experience with facebook and twitter. The way in which these different entities are starting to interact has really caught my imagination and I can really see how blogging can enrichen that interaction further.

So, what have I got to say and why should anyone read it?

The topic of this blog is going to be colour. I am fascinated by colour and have been working in this area for about a quarter of a century. I think I know something about it. I have worked in colour chemistry, colour physics, colour engineering, colour neuroscience, colour psychology, and colour design. I have a PhD in colour and I am a full professor at a major UK University. I am also Head of the School of Design at my university.

Not only am I fascinated by colour but I have a great interest in communicating and educating what I have learned about colour. I have been teaching at university for many years but have also written many papers and books, have written colour software, and have presented colour courses for many companies over the years. Now, I think the time has come to transfer my knowledge and enthusiasm to what I am reliably informed is called the blogosphere.

I hope you find what I have to say interesting, informative, entertaining, and – from time to time – annoying. That’s life – if we all agreed all of the time it would be a very boring place.


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