Society of Dyers and Colourists

I joined the Society of Dyers and Colourists in about 1983 when I was undertaking my doctorate at Leeds University. I mainly joined for the fun to be honest, but as a serious young student I think I thought it may have some positive effect on my career. Little did I know that I would be still a member some 25 years later and that during that time the SDC would have been a very important part of my professional life. Through the SDC I have gained technical knowledge (through my membership of its technical committees such as the Colour Measurement Committee) but also met many kind and knowledgeable people in the world of colour. And I’d like to think I have put something back too through my role on the editorial board of the journal Coloration Technology and, more recently through my role as founding academic editor of the SDC online journal Colour: Design and Creativity.

I would encourage anyone with an interest in colour technology or colour design to have a look at the SDC. They are based in Bradford but have an international presence and hold meetings all over the world.

Visit their web site 

The SDC even has its own blog –

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