yellow is the new red


I am not the world’s expert on fashion but it seems that red has been popular all through spring and summer. I first came across the surge in popularity of red last year when a journalist contacted me to ask my opinion as to why there had been an increase in sales of red kitchen and personal electronic equipment. We both agreed that probably the choice of red may be caused by consumers using colour choice to be bold and energetic in contrast to feeling tied down and depressed by the financial recession. I then listened to the podcast for Spring 2011 on Color Outlook and learned that red has been a popular colour for interior design this year right across the USA.
Now it seems that red has been a popular fashion colour all summer but is due to be replaced in the autumn (or the fall, as some people strangely call it) by yellow; another vibrant and positive colour. For further details see the Babble blog.

2 thoughts on “yellow is the new red

  1. Personally I love red, and I love that it is being talked about so much of late. I was reading a feature on the color in colorA2Z just the other day. Red is the color of passion, love and war. I find it interesting how colors like red can evoke deep emotions within us. Red is one of the reasons I love autumn so much.

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