I am one of the organisers of AIC2013 – a major international conference to be held about colour in Gateshead (UK). We’re holding the conference in the Sage which is an amazing venue. I recently went to the Sage to see Brit Floyd – a fantastic tribute act to Pink Floyd. As a drummer, I would love to play at the Sage but we have a long way to go before we could justify that sort of venue šŸ™‚

2013 may seem a long way away but we have already been planning this conference for about two years. We’re expecting 500+ delegates and if you are interested in colour this is the place to come in 2013. Of course, there is a smaller (but still fantastic) AIC meeting in Taiwan in 2012 if you can’t wait until 2013. I am also going to be going to Taiwan for AIC2012 and will probably call in at Shanghai whilst I am over there.

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