obsessed with brown?

I sometimes think that people think I am a bit of a weirdo – well, a nerd at the very least. Why? Because I have a blog that’s just about colour. I have interests in all sorts of things. I love music (play drums in a band), play chess (I have about 60 games on the go at any one time on www.chess.com, and I am slightly obsessed with Haruki Murakami (his latest novel 1Q84 is just better than you can imagine). But the thing I blog about is colour. Not any one colour, or even any one aspect of colour, but anything about colour – I am interested in colour physics, chemistry, psychology, philosophy, design, marketing, branding etc.

But today I may found that someone who is a bit nerdy even by my standards because I just found a website called http://www.howtomakebrown.com/. This page is interested not only in one colour, but in how to make it. How to make brown paint, brown rice, brown sugar …. is it just me or is this really weird!!

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