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A few years ago I set up a new journal – Colour: Design and Creativity. What I wanted to do was create a journal where people interested in colour could communicate and discuss their research whether their background be scientific, artistic, design, or anything else. For me colour is inherently multi-disciplinary – it’s a sort of meta-discipline, in fact. And the richest discussion is likely to be discussion that enables people from many different backgrounds to contribute.

I set the journal up with the Society of Dyers and Colourists who seemed to share my view. But I guess it didn’t really work out and we needed to find a new home for the journal. So I Was delighted when there was interest from AIC – the International Colour Association. We have now launched the Journal of the International Colour Association and published our first issue last month: see and click on browse issues on the right-hand side. I am slowly uploading the previous issues that were published as Colour: Design and Creativity but that could take some time.

The journal is free to view and free to publish in. Please take a look.

3 thoughts on “new colour journal

  1. So glad you’ve found a good home for your baby – well done! And very good to see colour in the visual arts featuring prominently!

    I keep watching out for the work you were doing a while back on the history of the primary colours – I haven’t missed it have I?

  2. Thanks – there has just been a delay whilst we sort out the journal home. We have a backlog of papers now but we should get them out soon.

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